Are You at Risk for Neurological Diseases as Dementia or Alzheimer’s?


Score yourself …

1 = no/never     2 = occasionally     3 = sometimes     4 = often     5 = yes/always


 Do use Wi-Fi at home or place of work?

 Do you carry your cell phone on your body?

 Do you put your cell phone to your head in conversations?

 Do you sleep with your cell phone?

 Do you use your cell phone in the car?

 Do you have electronics in your bedroom?

 Do you eat conventionally grown food?

 Do you omit a variety of coloured vegetables daily?

 Do you eat gluten containing foods as breads, bagels, pizza?

 Do you frequent fast food places or coffee shops?

 Do you drink California wines?

 Do you eat out one or more times a week?

 Do you eat processed foods as cereals, crackers or cookies?

 Are you a sugaraholic?

 Do you eat fish and seafood?

 Do you drink city water?

 Do you drink bottled water?

 Do you have silver amalgams?

 Do you have pets, children, use ATM machines or use self-serve gas?

 Do you hate or dislike saunas?

 Do you hate or dislike oil pulling?

 Do you hate or dislike Thai Chi, interval training or meditation?

 Do you hate or dislike mind improvement games as Sudoku, Lumosity or CogniFit?

 Do you feel that non-fish Omega 3’s, B-12 and Vitamin D are a waste of money?

 Are you diabetic or pre-diabetic? 

 Do you suffer from cardiovascular disease?

 Do you have high blood pressure?

 Are you opiate dependent?

 Have you undergone radiation treatment for cancer?



If you scored <50, you have a good understanding of preventing Neurological Disease

50 - 100, you need to educate yourself and make some changes to your lifestyle habits

>100, you need strategies to make changes to your lifestyle ASAP