About Whole Health Academy


Whole Healthy Academy was born out a desire to provide numerous alternative, holistic and healing modalities encompassing nutrition, emotions and environment at one site.


Our current lifestyle does not support health. We are a sick society getting sicker daily. More and more individuals are seeking information and alternative ways to overcome their health concerns because a “pill doesn’t cure your ill.” Even the healthiest individuals can make improvements, however small.


Research is showing regularly what was considered a safe food, pharmaceutical or pesticide has many negative side effects than ever imagined.


I conquered cancer seventeen years ago by adapting a plant based lifestyle, eliminating toxic personal care and cleaning products and embarked on an emotions healing journey.


Today, I am proud to be a thought leader, health maverick and a zealous  Environmental Toxin Expert, Heart Math Resilience Coach, Mindfullness Undergrad, Plant-based Food Chef, Bioindividual Nutrtition Practioner, Functional Medicine Student and still learning.


As the Whole Health Academy hub community grows, we will be adding more articles, experts and services to meet the needs of our readers.


Pleas share this site with family, friends and those you hold dear to your heart.. it may change the course of their health and future.